DIY Healing Journey ✌️

From Struggling to Blooming

The step-by-easy peasy-step guide that will take you from feeling tired, overwhelmed, irritable + struggling, to feeling like your healthiest, happiest + most flourishing self - ASAP + long-term.

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        What you'll get in From Struggling to Blooming

        • Access to the feel good
          treasure chest to feel better
        • The crucial blood tests you
          need + how to interpret them
        • Must-have supplements to feel
          better + treat the root cause
        • The easy-as-pie steps on how
          to heal + feel good long-term
        • Access to purchase one-off
          naturopath consults (available
          from July 2024)
        • BONUS: How to boost your
          immune system
        "I felt so overwhelmed, mentally and physically drained. I had so many symptoms that I didn't realise were due to stress. Now I feel energised and motivated! I'm much more patient, no more snapping at people for silly things. So much more positive and happier in life. For me I found this course really worked. It went through each topic week by week and it wasn't too much. I found the activities so useful and ones I can continually check in with which will help me maintain it long term. Sarah was also the BEST! She made me feel so at ease and understood what I was going through. I'm so happy I signed up! Best decision ever."


        "I feel amazing now! Just simple lifestyle changes can make such a huge impact. I feel amazing! So FREE, relaxed! I now have boundaries and make rest a priority. The 1.1 sessions were the best part of the program!! I also really loved the modules! Sarah puts so much of her knowledge into these that I feel like I walked away and learnt so much!"